Technopedagogy is not a term officially used in education. In fact, it is the expression designating a reality that is increasingly recognized by all educators, namely the advent of technologies in the classroom. It is therefore about the integration of new information and communication technologies in the teaching strategies of teachers.

The technological world exploited by educators is limitless. It therefore implies, for the latter, to develop what is at the base of their commitment to the world of education: curiosity and creativity. Thus, teachers must take the initiative and go to meet what exists on the web but also, they must take note of the devices or gadgets that are currently available to the general public. Now, most gadgets have their relevance in the educational sphere and, when properly framed by a well-defined use, they allow us to push the educational experience to new horizons.

To enter fully into the technopedagogical universe, there is no better than various forums on the Internet where different teachers publish their findings, strategies and ideas for educational activity. And at the basis of this research, there is the importance of networking which comes into play and which becomes THE new professional aptitude to be developed in teachers.

But beyond the material aspect and its unavoidable foray into the world of education, technopedagogy also involves a change in teaching practices. We are talking about a total and profound questioning of the role of the teacher in his own classroom as well as the educational relationships he maintains with his students. It is not all to put an electronic tablet in the hands of the pupils; they must also be educated to use it constructively and productively. Ditto for the use of social networks or various applications on the web.

We can conclude by simply stating that this is the logical evolution of pedagogy in the 21st century with tools valued and used by a new generation of learners. Basically, technopedagogical is teaching with tools of the present generation and to ensure that technology is at the service of Learning  (Lucie Voyer, teacher via its website web).

Many decry the playful aspect of technological gadgets such as tablets, so-called “smart” cell phones or the Internet itself through its social applications. Probably these criticisms are valid. But, by the way, what is wrong or wrong with using pleasant tools, fostering playful possibilities? Isn’t it just pleasant for the learner to link pleasure and learning? Does learning not make sense in these circumstances?

Technopedagogues, although the term may seem a bit reductive, are teachers oriented towards the future and driven by a deep desire to make pedagogy evolve at the same rate as society. They are those who realize that their students have needs that are different from those they themselves had when they were their age. They understand the new complexity of the school clientele and understand the magnitude of the challenges that arise between them and these same students. They work daily to break down its borders.

It is clear that the technological invasion of the educational world can frighten quite a lot of people. Teachers are often frightened by a possible loss of control over their classroom management. They feel ill-equipped in the face of new tools which they have poorly mastered and for which they have never been trained. For administrators, it is the question of the technological choice to be recommended in a world where technological innovations abound and where the choices are limitless. For many parents, technology rhymes with young people jaded in front of their television screen or Nintendo DS to play for hours. In short, all players in the educational world have their fears and grievances in the face of this new technological shift.

In reality, it is not the technology that is the problem, but the way it is used. It is probably necessary to make a conscience examination to know if one maximizes the possibilities offered by the technopedagogical opportunities. And to do this, we must dare. Dare to become an eternal student of technological immensity again and find your niche there with the niches to which you cling and identify yourself. But for that, you have to learn to manage change!

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