Some insolence

No offense to some, I take the time to continue posting my ideas on this blog. It is because since I published my response to the article published in La Presse , comments abound on this site and very few are laudatory. These negative comments are often far-fetched.

There is the tone. My tone would be condescending and moralistic. My opinions would be out of touch with the community. I was politely called a demagogue and reform lobbyist. I was even called a crusader (referring to the Christian crusades of the Middle Ages) and alluded to funders funding this blog. This last comment is quite funny and shows that there are people who are disconnected. In the age of web 2.0, is there nothing easier and more affordable than blogging? But the conspiracy theory does its work as soon as a voice is raised against that of the established order! For the rest, I will not note the derogatory comments of exceptional baseness from some.

These comments, very often, are in no way constructive and are often formulated in an emotional way. What is the point of criticizing or questioning if we do not offer anything in return? Or that we let our feelings of a hard week take over? I can believe that my ideas are clear cut, that they disturb and that they question the conception that many have of their profession. This is precisely the purpose of this blog!

The Insolences of Brother So-and-so

You remember the brother Doe and his quote tedious j e think we should close the Department (of Education) for two years, at least, and send all teachers at school? Heavy words at the time which contributed, believe it or not, to the teaching function. Anyway, Brother So-and-so had sent his manuscript to Éditions de L’Homme with the following warning: Attention! Explosive content! The latter had to publish anonymously his Insolencesprobably for fear of reprisals in an environment where the gaze of others can undermine a career … In education, interior critics are frowned upon, especially if they go against general opinion. However, the author understood that explosive contentis indeed necessary to initiate a change which, with more than half a century of hindsight, allows us to appreciate it as being one of the precursors of the Quiet Revolution. Today, the internet allows everyone, if they want, to be able to express themselves. Social media is spreading information all over the place at a speed that would have stunned Brother So-and-so! However, although mores in education have changed little in certain respects since, the fact remains that anonymous texts no longer have their raison d’être, because, nowadays, it seems hardly relevant to share its vision if the author who states it cannot support them with his own image and credibility. But, ironically and paradoxically, at the same time, critics seize this same image to strive to demolish its credibility. So,

Nevertheless, I take the liberty of using a quote from André Laurendeau in the preface to Insolences du Brother So-and-so. It sheds light on my action on this blog and that of several educators who, like me, are more than tired of seeing that we are forming cohorts of automatons: The disappointment, which he feels very keenly, does not make him bitter, and if he sometimes uses light words, it is without losing the sense of the sacred.


Can we stop referring to the Quebec school training program as the Reform? It is finished, the programs were reformed almost fifteen years ago already (although the last provisions were adopted a few years ago). Can we move on? The term Reform , as far as I am concerned, when used in this way, at the end of its temporal utility, has a pejorative connotation. If several teachers still have this Reformationin the throat is that they still do not want to take the time to swallow it to digest it. Maybe they want to pose as resistance fighters? As victims? Listening to them (or rather reading them), nothing in the Program is worth adopting. It is the beginning of the end of the world of education. However, during a possible next reform, supposedly in forty years, we will make the apology for the system currently in place. Isn’t history a cruel repetition of a succession of events?

And what about those who swallowed the piece? These teachers who accept to work in a positive atmosphere and who tell themselves that despite the many imperfections of the system, there is the possibility of carrying out their educational action on a daily basis. These same teachers realize that they are performing little miracles every day. They are proud of themselves, their students and their profession. They invest in their work, access training via different media, network, discuss, share, etc. They are multipliers.

Do not despair

Nothing is perfect in the world of education, that’s obvious. It is a human world, managed and organized by humans. If sometimes we may believe that there is a lack of solidarity between the actors of this network, the fact remains that all aspire to the same objectives. In this perspective, I believe that the debate on change in education is well founded, no offense to the apostles of pedagogical and educational traditionalism. Have you ever noticed that there are very few occupations in which workers complain as much as we teachers? It should come as no surprise that the students also complain about their fate and that the parents criticize us so much!

Because in the end, it is better to initiate a process of professional change on your own, rather than having it imposed by others. But the situation is not hopeless; once again, Laurendeau would have comforted Brother So-and-so in a discreet way: there are too many people who are in despair for the situation to be desperate [1] . In other words, there are too many teachers desperate to see the effect of restrictive forces in education to give up and resign themselves to it. Thus began to change in the world of education at the dawn of the XXI th century.

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