Because, sometimes, a few words are enough to inspire, give confidence or demystify what we do daily as work with young people in need of inspiration.

I remember that young people today do not look like their parents but their time  ( Bertrand Tavernier ).

There is no static place in education but only learner postures  ( Laurence Juin ).

Teachers ultimately define our collective capacity to innovate, to invent, to find solutions for the future. Nothing will ever replace a good teacher. Nothing is more important than supporting them ( Irina Bokova , Director-General of UNESCO).

It is not the Internet that changes society, it is society that changes and finds a tool ( Julie Rouzaud ).

You have to be mobile, curious, cosmopolitan. Rigidity, once a pole of stability, has become fatal
( Cédric Bannel ).

Anything that is too clear is not interesting ( Alexandre Soljénitsyn ).

Teaching is a good way to learn because you have to organize your thinking in order to render the material well (Steve Couture, President of Frima Studio ).

Every act of creation is first an act of destruction ( Pablo Picasso ).

Innovation is not  the product of logical thought, although the result is tied to logical structure ( Albert Einstein ).

We must stop expecting everything from the student. You must first educate yourself before claiming to educate others ( Sylvie Aupetit ).

Try to be first, you won’t always be, but you risk being second or third, whereas if you aim to be average, you will sometimes find yourself below average ( Gilles Parent ).

Nothing great has been done without passion ( Hegel ).

If the pupil has not learned, it is because the teacher has not taught effectively  ( Siegfried Engelmann ).

That, no less than knowing, doubting pleases me  ( Montaigne ).

The world is uncertain only for those who need certainty; for the others, it is only the world of always with the risks and the chances of its chances ( Hervé Sérieyx ).

The  secret to change is to focus your energy on creating the new and not on fighting the old ( Socrates ).

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