Popplet and its educational potential

Explain effectively, with few words

Here is an interesting tool that allows students and teachers to work differently. Thanks to Popplet, students can organize their thinking in a different way by using images, drawings, videos to demonstrate concepts specific to a theme. The popular expression holds that a picture is worth a thousand words. Popplet understood this. For each image or bubble, there is the possibility of adding a few words that can justify the idea or specify the links between two bubbles.

What I see as potential, in the first place, is certainly the decrease in the need to write and use words to describe a concept, a situation. It is the art of linking the schematic and the concise and applying it to all possible and imaginable educational sauces. Because today, it is no longer true that students have to write work which, page after page, describes a reality.

Understand, Popplet allows you to give real importance to words without using them. Should this internet application replace the good old dissertations or more theoretical essays? NO ! It’s like any other educational tool or strategy. It should be used alternately and sparingly so that the interest and relevance of using it with students remains high.

Learn to work in a team

Beyond the question of the graphic organization of information, there is the whole question of sharing and the possibility of accomplishing real collaborative work among students (and teachers). By creating a Popplet, we can give access to colleagues who contribute to the work by inviting them. Each contribution is identified with the name of the user who added your two cents. It’s fantastic! More than I did all the work on my own or did nothing ! Easily, it is possible to transfer and edit the document so that it always remains current and relevant. Popplet makes it possible to become the technopedagogical tool par excellence, with Prezi, to allow students to develop a non-disciplinary competence of the MELS training program: Learn to work in a team . In short, promoting the use of Popplet in the classroom is not only a way of presenting disciplinary content but above all a way of learning to collaborate in a learning situation.

Also, there is the possibility of consulting the Time Warp function which is equivalent to the transformation of the file in time, step by step with the precise time of each modification!

Multimedia integration

Finally, like any good web application, there is the possibility of integrating or sharing information that comes from major social media: Flikr, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. Ditto for Google Maps which allows us to insert maps. It is obviously possible to export everything in .jpg or .pdf format and send everything by email.

Finally, there is a mode of presentation which is very interesting and which allows the audience’s attention to be clearly focused on the images or text brackets of each of the bubbles. The principle strangely resembles that of Prezi . You can also consult our post on this service via our site .

However, you can only make 5 popplets with the free version. Otherwise, it costs $ 30 annually. There are educational licenses available but, sadly, the discount is not substantial. For more information on school discounts, click here .

Finally, don’t forget that Popplet is a web application. It is therefore possible that, when you use it in class, the site is not accessible or that your wireless network is down.

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