The seven characteristics of highly effective techno-educators

We just read a short article on an American blog called AlwaysPrepped , or always prepared (in the sense of preparation or educational planning). Short, but full of common sense because it refers to 7 essential characteristics of the technopedagogue teacher. Also, we remind you that, according to the benchmark of 12 professional skills among Quebec teachers, skill # 8 is unequivocal: integrate information and communications technologies for the preparation and management of teaching activities. -learning, teaching management and professional development. 

Here are these seven characteristics, translated into French and updated to date:

1. They aim for a specific goal using technological toolsAt no time are they using technology just to use it. They do it with a goal in mind or use it to deploy a strategy. Technology is a tool at the service of pedagogy and its educator and not the other way around.

2. They are flexible and demonstrate good adaptability

Obviously, they are flexible and are able to adapt to technological innovations. They know full well that they will have to adapt to new tools in two or three years. But this prospect does not frighten them, on the contrary. They are stimulated by this situation since they see the possibilities of being better performing teachers, providing higher quality education.

The idea of ​​having to revise their course planning as well as their lessons never frightens them since they have never maintained a perception of teaching as being static and immune from the inevitable updates of their own development. professional.

3. They are open to change

For them, change is an intoxicating opportunity to do different things and it’s a new opportunity to surpass themselves. They don’t experience change, they generate it. In times of instability, they are driving forces and positively influence the restrictive forces, more resistant to change. These teachers are   Read the rest

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