Work-study balance among high school students

The second cycle of secondary school in Quebec is finding it increasingly difficult to compete with the world of work. In fact, he is engaged in a merciless struggle against a world that steals his brains to harden them to various tasks paid a little more than minimum wage. Recently, the dailies were talking about the concerns of teachers who find that students are studying less and less. They don’t have time anymore!

Yet the benefits of the world of work for young people are undeniable. This helps to develop the sense of organization and responsibilities of our students in addition to helping stimulate the emergence of essential qualities in an adult in the making: interpersonal skills, autonomy, openness, etc. At 16, it is desirable, even essential, for a student to learn to manage different facets of his life: friends, family, love, work, school. The key to success, however, is balance and currently, we have reason to believe that too many students are blindly and excessively investing in their so-called “professional” activities.

“If work interferes with your studies, drop out of school!” “

While we have been talking for a long time about work-family balance for Quebec adults who somehow combine their family and professional life, we are facing a new reality: work-study balance among our young people in schools. Already in the fourth year of secondary school, at age 15, they learn to juggle work schedules and their school obligations.

Take the case of a student who works thirty hours in some company. To his working hours, we add thirty-five spent working in a school environment. In total, of the 168 hours per week, he has already spent almost 40% of his time working at school or elsewhere. To this, if we add the nine hours of daily sleep recommended for adolescents by the Canadian Sleep Society, 75% of a   Read the rest

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