What it takes to be a Roofer

A roofer is often referred to as a roof mechanic and is considered as a type of construction worker specializing in roof construction and restoration. There are many professional roof building contractors in Canada and majority of Airdrie roofers are proven to be the best in their field. Roofers install and repair commercial or residential roofing using different materials including asphalt, metal, and shingles.

Duties and Responsibilities

So, what are the job responsibilities of a roofer?

http://www.aclark.ca/airdrie-roofers/ focus on the application of materials for your roof. They possess good motor skills and excellent carpentry. Majority of roofers are employed by contractors while the rest are self-employed. Most Airdrie roofers work with a group or crew.

Majority of roofers work full time but in some areas, this kind of job is limited during cold, rainy months, and winter. There are no required educational requirements for this job. However, practical application is important. Most learn while they are doing it on the job. Knowledge in math and drawing may be helpful in reading blueprints and layout.

On-the-job training programs allow professional roofers to mentor the interns on how the materials, tools, equipment, and machines are utilized properly. The interns are given tasks such as lifting equipment, hoisting scaffolds, measuring, cutting, and fitting materials. Once they master these skills, they are taught how to lay shingles and asphalt, and other tiles.

These skills are not mastered overnight. It takes years to perfect these skills but it is definitely possible to learn with proper training and experience. Trainees learn more complex skills as they mature. Interns also learn the basic foundation of roofing, construction, mathematics, building codes, safety, and reading blueprints.

Roofing is a challenging work and involves hard labor. It demands a roofer to be physically fit especially since it involves a lot of heavy lifting of materials and equipment, climbing, kneeling and bending. Since this kind of manual labor is required outdoor, the roofer performs duties under different weather conditions and environment especially during emergency repairs.

Since roofers are required to work on the roof with slopes and elevation, the worker should have balancing skills and must not be afraid of heights. Aside from being physically fit, they need to be able to have a high stamina and endurance to be able to perform their work in a strenuous environment. Roofers must be capable of working under the scorching sun.

Employment in this line of work is expected to continue to grow. The real estate business is rapidly growing and the demand for more workers shows no signs of slowing down.

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